Before the fashion world got their claws into them, stripes were seen as evil and reserved only for the outcasts of society. Medieval prisoners were amongst the few that wore them, and not out of choice. 

The Breton stripe originated in the nineteenth century, worn by navy seamen from Brittany. The twenty-one separate lines represented Napoleon's victories. Soon after, Coco Chanel got a bit jealous of the navy outfits. After a trip to the French Riviera in the early 1900s, she was inspired by the seamen she saw, and set about bringing nautical stripes into women's fashion. 

In no time, the Breton became synonymous with French style. So it seems fitting then that Céline as a quintessentially French label would feature stripes on their bag, as the two go hand in hand.  

Céline's flagship store can be found at:
103 Mount Street
+44 207 491 8200